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Benefit of Static Website


PHP is server side scripting language is easy to learn, as compared to other languages. If you are familiar with the syntax of java , C Or Pearl you will easily learn php, because it's syntax is so easy to understand.


While other languages need long scripts, PHP can do the same work in few lines of code, having the maximum control over the websites. And if you want to make changes, you can edit so easily.


PHP development is quite flexible towards the database connectivity, user may prefer to synchronize one of the databases as backend such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2 etc. PHP/My SQL are one most adopted combination to develop ecommerce applications such as Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) etc.


The PHP development process is cheap compared to other programming languages. As you know PHP is open source, it is free of cost. So user can develop website applications without any cost. The user doesn't require any license for the server to implement PHP.


As PHP is being used by a huge number of people, a large community is formed. So, you need not worry if you get stuck somewhere. You will easily get the support from them.


PHP is supports all the major web browsers like, Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX.


PHP also supports all the major web servers, be it Microsoft IIS Or Apache. It also supports Netscape and personal web server.


PHP is one of the most secured way of developing websites and web applications, it has got a security layer to protect against viruses and threats.


PHP uses its own memory, so the workload of the server and loading time gets reduced automatically, which results into the faster processing speed. So, it reduces the development time when it comes to the web apps like eCommerce or CRM.