Static Website Design

In technical terms, a static website is developed in HTML and CSS languages. It consists of a series of coded files that are created to represent the various physical pages on the site. These websites are quick and easy to develop. They are cost-efficient and are the perfect choice for small businesses. A static website feels much like an online brochure with forms and hyperlinks which enable its potential customers to view different pages on the screen. The pages on a static website once created will remain static and cannot be updated or changed without coding skills.

SR Tech Solution provide static website designing services which is engaging and creative . The main purpose of static website designing services it to provide you with an online existence . This would help you to showcase your products online for millions of users and earn business. Static website designs did not require databases or lengthy custom coding. Static Websites Designing are usually coded primarily in only HTML5 , CSS3 and JAVASCRIPT.

Benefit of Static Website


The major advantage of a static website is that it is quick and easy to develop. A professional web developer can develop a static website much faster than a dynamic one. A CMS takes its own time to process the data and generate HTML. You save that processing time as the server can fetch the file and send it straight to the client.


Unlike a dynamic website, static websites are cheaper to develop. They are apt for businesses working on a shoestring budget.


With a CMS you are often limited in designing custom pages the way you want. You can, but you need technical knowledge and it's often less straightforward than creating a custom static page (but you still need to know HTML and CSS obviously)


Static websites can get dedicated servers at a cheaper price and that too with much ease.

Easy Indexing

Search engines like Google, Bing etc., can easily index a static website as they are just a series of coded HTML or CSS files.

Fast Transferring

Static websites do not have complex structures like a dynamic website and can be easily and quickly transferred from server to client without much processing time.